Air transport of hazardous goods


The transportation of hazardous goods presents a risk in itself if the same are not handled and packaged correctly.

Controls and requirements in relation to air transport safety are extremely rigorous in accordance with IATA air cargo regulations governing global air transport standards.

Many products used on a daily basis may be regarded as hazardous, including perfumes, electronic equipment, batteries, etc, and in the event these goods are transported without having been duly declared, labelled and packaged, this could lead to a transport safety issue, in addition to posing a risk to the health of the people handling such goods.

Furthermore, variations, limitations and restrictions exist in countries of transit and destination, reason for which we recommend professional guidance prior to conducting an operation involving hazardous goods.

The Ibertransit Group boasts a professional team with vast experience in the management and transportation of hazardous goods, and we will provide you with guidance throughout your operations, guaranteeing shipments meet requirements and comply with current regulations, in addition to always striving to use the most suitable routes and companies for each operation.

We specialize in air transport of hazardous goods to / from all major airports world customs.