Air Transportation of perishable goods

Air transportation of perishable goods

The air cargo sector of the Ibertransit Group features a specialised department for the transportation of perishable cooled and frozen goods.

Products such as frozen fruit and vegetables, ice cream, meat and fish are transported to cities all over the world, principally in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

In addition to the safest and quickest means of air transport being that capable of delivering your perishable goods to any country in the world in under 48 hours of transit time.

the Ibertransit Group also boasts a vastly experienced workforce who in addition to advising you will always attempt to use the quickest companies and routes in order to guarantee the goods arrive in the shortest time possible without missing connections and ensuring companies do not break the cold chain required for each good during custody and transportation.

We specialize in optimizing perishable air freight import and export to worldwide.