There different sizes and types of sea containers that allow virtually any transport goods safely and protected by sea.
The most commonly used shipping containers worldwide are teams of 20 and 40 feet, with an internal volume of about 32.6 m3 and 66.7 m3 respectively.
The maximum load of container may vary according to the shipping and container type. The 20-foot containers have a maximum gross weight of about 29 t (load + weight of the container) and 40 feet in about 32 t.
As many times the container is moved by truck to the end user, must conform to current legislation in each country on weight limits on trucks. The tare weight of the container or can vary from 1.8 t to 4 t for 20 foot containers and 3.2 t to 4.8 t for the 40 foot containers.
The following table shows the types of container diferenetes their actions and abilities.