Dedicated Logistics


Specific division devoted to comprehensive logistics. This was created owing to our customers’ requirements and requests and we intend to become the external logistics’’ operator they can trust, not only storing their goods but also carrying out all the complementary logistics’ operations they require.

We adapt to any of the specific requirements of each of our customers and to this end we are endowed with fully equipped modern warehouses and an experienced professional team who will convey confidence and peace of mind.

Using our computer management system you can control and consult your goods at any time: stock control, movements, classifications, statuses, returns … in other words, you can obtain all the information you need for their management and control wherever you are.

We manage your stock, receive your goods and verify your products’ status, preparing your orders, labelling and packaging your goods and finally dealing with their distribution to the end customer. We deal with the whole management process from start to finish.


What do we offer?

–     Control of the whole goods’ management process. From start to finish.

–    A personalised plan which adapts to your needs and combines the services which best suit you.

–     Reliable, efficient management of your stock thanks to our excellent professional team and a sophisticated control and security system.

Who is this service for?

–     For companies that wish to cut their current management costs to make them more competitive and profitable, turning their current fixed costs into variable costs, thereby allowing them to concentrate solely on managing their business.

What about products that are complex and hard to manage?

–     Don’t worry about it. We manage all kinds of goods: industrial, gardening, automotive sector, e-commerce and even unrefrigerated dry food.  Each good and each customer requires personalised management, but our resources and professionals are prepared for this. So once we have analysed your needs, we can adjust and parameterise our system so that it will inform you about any aspect you may require: quantities by products, families, subfamilies, stock by no. of pallets, stock by no. of boxes, stock by no.of units, stock by statuses, expiry dates, batches, returns… etc.


  • Medium and long-stay storage
  • Receipt, control and verification of your goods
  • Container loading and unloading
  • Foods and family classification
  • Preparing Orders ( Picking & Packing )
  • Labelling, packaging, strapping and shrink wrapping
  • Stocks and procurement management
  • Distribution
  • Experience of Major retail outlets
  • Returns’ Management


  • Hiring special equipment, escort and pilot cars
  • Technical support
  • Personal supervision
  • Feasibility study
  • Door-to-door transport from factory
  • Customs procedures
  • Permission management