Empresa Ibertransit


Ibertransit Group, a complete logististics and transportation service. 

We at Grupo Ibertransit provide you with human resources with over 30 years´ experience in the management of transport and logistics for all types of sector, high levels of involvement  in the development of your business project and the most advanced technology for the optimisation of your company´s domestic and international logistics and transport.

Our Ibertransit transport department provides a solution for each requirement in relation to the delivery or storage of products by land, sea and air.  A comprehensive network of associates and agents in Europe, America and Asia, and a competent workforce which provides you with personalised support and treatment, enables us to take your company to anywhere on the planet.

Iberlogístika, our storage department, provides you with the most modern facilities for storing or outsourcing your logistics, equipped with the personnel and technology to optimise the storage, handling and distribution of your goods.
Our goal as an integrated logistics operator:

To guarantee our customers maximum profitability by providing first-rate logistics and transport services and seeking out the best solutions for each customer in an active and personalised manner.


What we offer?


We are committed to ensuring that your shipments arrives at its destination within the agreed timeframes and in perfect conditions. We respect and meet our commitments.

Professional attitude:

Our skilled team ensures you the essential experience and a professional attitude at a Forwarding company, providing personalized care to solve all of your needs.


We don’t only transport your goods, but we actually deal with the whole complex logistics’ process looking after every detail so your company doesn’t stop.