International Pallet Service – Iberpalet


IBERPALET is specific division for international pallet transport with European Union and Eastern European countries created in response to market and customer demand. Through our broad network of platforms and agents we can guarantee your dispatches within as little as 24 hours and for simplified charges per pallet units. Dispatch trackability and control until their final delivery.


EUR and Standard  pallets

Prices per type and unit

Pallet weight up to 1200 kg

Integrated Distribution Network

Compliance with timetables



United Kingdom France            Russia              Belarus         
Italy Ireland Poland Portugal
Lithuania Latvia Germany Czech Rep.
Austria Slovakia Benelux Romania
Denmark Sweden Hungary Bulgaria
Greece Croatia Norway Turkey
Switzerland Marocco Finland Iran

We guarantee shipments of palletized goods throughout Europe and Countries of the East in delivery rates from 24 hours with simplified pallet unit price. Extensive network of correspondents and partners throughout Europe to ensure the best service palletized cargo. Online tracking.