We help you simplify
the complex

Logistics of large projects and special transport

At Grupo Ibertransit, we are experts in simplifying what is complex. No transport project, however ambitious it may be, is too big for us. We are your trusted operator if you need to move an entire production line, move heavy machinery, display large items at a trade
fair, move vehicles or oversized goods, etc. We have successfully and efficiently moved entire mining plants, whole factories, wind turbines and public works and construction machinery.
We draw up a plan designed for each case, combining the ideal means of transport by land, sea and air. Our 30 years of experience in
managing complex and oversized shipments, together with our extensive network of international agents, will guarantee the success of any major logistical operation.

  • Hiring special equipment, escort and pilot cars
  • Technical support
  • Personal supervision
  • Feasibility study
  • Door-to-door transport from factory
  • Customs procedures
  • Permission management

Full management to destination

We take care of everything: permits, hiring special equipment, cranes, escort vehicles, etc. We personally check and supervise loading, we prepare the load to arrive at its destination in optimal conditions and we sort out all the paperwork to make sure it arrives on time and in perfect condition.


Project Cargo

We transport your machinery, equipment or industrial project anywhere in the world, however complicated it may seem.

Specific “abnormal” transport division. This is undoubtedly the most complex division in the transport world, requiring true professionals endowed with vast experience  and the right resources.

We transport your special operations and extra-dimensions to any destination dealing with all the technical and operational management, whether by land, air or sea. We see to the checking and supervision of the cargo to be transported, adapting it for transport, seeking the means of transport, checking the right route, requesting the relevant permits and authorisations required throughout the route and providing escort vehicles and, first and foremost, ensuring that the goods reach their destination in a perfect conditions.

Comprehensive management of transport and logistics of industrial projects, equipment, factories, machinery, oversized loads and components anywhere in the world. Design and implementation of complex logistics operations, combined transport and special transport.