Car Transport


We take your car to anywhere in Spain or the world with speed, security and total security.”

The staff of our divison CAR TRANSPORT  – IBERCAR – manages all transactions necessary for the transport of your vehicle, from the collection or receipt of the vehicle by our staff, the processing of all documentation required for transport and recruitment of the most suitable fortransporting your car with a full guarantee, security and lowest cost.

Car Transport in Spain:

We transport cars to any city in the Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands.

Trucks have Autotransporters of 1-10 cars. Also, closed vehicle carrier lorries to transport high-end cars, prototypes, vintage cars, fitted with alarm and GPS motorized route.

The car transport to the islands can be done by Ro-Ro ships (cargo trailer) or in shipping containers

International Car Transport:

Manage road transport, maritime (Roro, container, covered or cellar, ) air (regular lines,charters, ) of your car to anywhere in the world:

European Comunity

Eastern countries.

United States.

– South America.


Car Transport Specialists in Spain, Balearic and Canary Islands. Manage auto transport to Europe, USA, South America, Asia and Africa in complete safety and security.