Fashion Logistics


“Not only do we take care of transporting their clothes, but we make a comprehensive logistics management for.”

Iberlogistka coordinates logistics, transport and multicast everything about the fashion industry and textile, in Europe, USA and Asia.

We have a network of specialized and experienced in this very complex by its idiosyncrasy that allows us to ensure consistent quality service to merchandise transported to any city in the world.

Logistics services for fashion companies:

Labelling and / or bagging
Special handling.
Returns and returns management.
Reconditioning packaging.
Professionals with extensive experience in the fashion and accessories distribution
Direct delivery to any city in the world
Deliveries to small boutiques and department stores
Hanging garment Service
Web Monitoring and Control Tracking stocks Ediaweb
Insurance “all risk”
Experience in Fairs and Exhibitions

We have ISO 9001:2008 certification

To ensure the best service Audit Bureau Veritas has certified the quality and safety in the management and execution of all our operational logistics and transportation with ISO 9001: 2008.

Outsource your logistics involves not lose control of your warehouse. Rather, through our warehouse management software (WMS) you can view and control at all times the status of their goods: stock control, movements, classifications, statements, returns, … no matter where you are.

Our management system will inform you of anything that might need: quantities of product families, subfamilies, stock by number of pallets, stock by number of boxes, stock by number of units, stock by states, expiry dates, batch, returns … etc .

Rely on our logistics solutions, not having to worry about storage may focus more on your business, save time, money and improve service to their customers.

We have a network of specialized and experienced in a sector as complex as fashion, by its character allows us to guarantee consistent quality service to transport goods to any city in the world.