Transport of boats


IBERTRANSIT YACHT TRANSPORT is the Division specialized in the Transport of Ships to the whole world.

We have one it extends agents’ network and destinations, this way as technical and human equipment with the only aptitude to provide the most rapid service of Transport and sure of possible Ships.

Depending on the origin and destination of the transport, the length, sleeve and maximum height of his ship, this way as the time of delivery we value which is the best option for the transport of his craft and let’s sense beforehand the best option to transport his ship, it is A Water closet to Water closet, Lift On Lift Out, Mafi, Flat Rack, Terrestrial Transport or in navigation crewed or combined several means of transport.

We are specialized in the transport of ships. The transport of the sailboats and yachts is realized by the means mas suitable depending on the characteristics of the craft and the origin and destination of the same one.