Transportation of Trees, Plants and Shrubs


“We transport their live trees, plants and shrubs from / to any city in the world”

In Ibertransit Worldwide Logistics are specialists in special transport of live trees, plants and shrubs.

We have a special division with experienced professionals that designs, coordinates and implements transportation is by land, sea, air or even a combination of different media.

Each operation will be studied individually and according to their characteristics and needs as source, destination, height, diameter, characteristics of trees or plants, delivery, value which is the best option to transport your goods.

Throughout our experience we used different means of transport such as:

Terrestrial: trucks sliding curtain canvas with sliding canvas roof, platforms, gondolas trucks, refrigerated trucks … etc

Maritime: dry containers, Open Top, Flat Rack, Reffer .. etc

Air: Refrigerated, Air Freight conventional cargo-carrying special loads .. etc

Special Operations with extra-dimensions

For operations with extra-dimensions or characteristics we handle the verification and monitoring of the transport loading and reconfigure the transport burden taking care to check the route and to request all permits and authorizations required for its journey without you having to worry about anything. We even take care of escort vehicles if required by the regulations of each of the countries through which goods transit. All in order that the goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Specialists in domestic and international transport of trees, plants and shrubs to any city in the world, whether by land, sea or air.