Our Warehouse:
the DNA of control

Comprehensive service of dedicated logistics and distribution

The warehouse is the heart of any supply chain, the most delicate and important part of your distribution process. Our warehouse receives and dispatches your goods in a steady stream, keeping them in optimal conditions and handling, selecting, assigning and
preparing them to reach their fi nal destination.
Is it cost-effective for you to build and maintain a modern warehouse and equip it with the technology required of logistics today? At Iberlogistika we propose a much more practical, effi cient and economical solution: outsourcing. We provide you with the most advanced facilities with the best warehousing, logistics and distribution services.

Warehousing and distribution

“We store your goods with maximum security and control”

We have premises whose capacity exceeds 5000 m2 in Barcelona and Madrid, providing top security, video surveillance control, night security guards and a RADIOFREQUENCY control system, enabling us to keep your goods under complete control during their stay at our premises. If you require a higher capacity or in other locations, IBERTRANSIT GROUP can devise an individual project to meet your request.

Our computer management system will provide all the information you need to control and consult your goods’ stock and status.: stock by pallets, boxes, units, families, subfamilies, batches, expiry dates, returns … etc. it will obtain all the information you need wherever you are, allowing you to forget about logistics’ management and just concentrate on your business and customers.


  • Medium and long-stay storage
  • Receipt, control and verification of your goods
  • Container loading and unloading
  • Cross Docking
  • Sorting and classifying
  • Order Processing ( Picking & Packing )
  • Labelling, packaging, strapping and shrink wrapping
  • Stocks and procurement management
  • Local, National and international distribution
  • Reverse Logistics
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We have warehouses equipped with modern security systems and management more suitable for storage of its products in Barcelona and Madrid. We offer a wide range of services logísiticos complemetarios to manipulate their products. Our transport division can manage their distribution nationally and internationally.